Our Technology

Generating insights from raw clinical data is hard.


Foundational Multimodal Embeddings Platform

Our multimodality AI platform transforms diverse clinical data streams into rich and generalised representations, generating real-time patient insights.

Combines large-scale and unstructured healthcare data into rich embeddings via generative & self-supervised learning

Enables rapid scalability and speed of iteration for new insight (“SaMD”) development

One-size does not fit all; our technology is personalised to different healthcare setting indications, and requirements

The entire pipeline is integrated into our rapid regulatory approval process. Insights are regulated as Class II Software-as-a-Medical Device

Generative & self-supervised learning

We use recent state-of-the-art advances in machine learning to train and deploy large-scale foundational models that have advanced adaptability, and achieve superior performance compared to traditional methods.

Rapid understanding & evaluation

We have built and end-to-end pipeline that allows rapid fine-tuning and iteration, meaning signal can be identified from raw data in days, accelerating agile co-design with all our partners.

Continual learning with real world data

Patient data can differ significantly across different regions, demographics, healthcare facilities, and over time. Our framework is intrinsically scalable, adaptive and robust to new settings, across domains and clinical tasks.

Rapid and iterative regulatory approval

Applying first principles thinking we have re-engineered and automated evidence generation and go from raw data to powerful, regulated clinical insights in months.

From data to powerful, regulated clinical insights in months

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