Improving health for all

Detecting the very earliest signs of disease using innovative combination biomarkers

Our mission

Our ambition is to enable people to lead healthier lives – using at-home biomarker monitoring technology

Who we are

In an ideal world, we’d be able to prevent diseases occurring – or at least stop them in their tracks.


That’s easier said than done – but we have to start somewhere. That’s why we’re focusing on the very early clues that something is going wrong in the body.


We want to identify the combinations of biomarkers that signify the start of different illnesses – paving the way for a new generation of diagnostic tests for early detection or even prevention of disease.

Our solution 

We have developed an IVD innovation engine diagnostic to rapidly identify combination biomarkers 10 times faster and cheaper than ever before.

We’re using established technologies already relied on by healthcare professionals, regulators and the wider ecosystem.

Our novel approach holds the promise of at-home tests for all of us to spot even the very earliest signs of disease.

“Sanome is transforming diagnostic innovation the same way other companies have revolutionised AI for drug discovery. It’s super exciting.”

— Eckhardt Weber, Partner at Heal Capital

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