The Clinical Co-pilot to identify health

changes earlier

AI-powered clinical decision-support to improve patient outcomes


The only way we are going to solve the growing healthcare gap is through the earlier detection & prevention of health changes.

We are currently seeing massive growth of healthcare data and AI algorithms, however, translating data into fully-regulated clinically-actionable insights that support clinical decision-making is a huge challenge.

We are on a mission to solve this.


We are building an AI-enabled Co-pilot that supports clinicians by surfacing the right information at the right time to support clinical decision-making.

By receiving timely and accurate clinical insights, clinicians are enabled to deliver proactive, higher-quality care, resulting in better patient outcomes.


We translate healthcare data into clinically-actionable insights and surface these in existing EHR systems to support more accurate and timely clinical decision-making.

SaMD Factory

10x Faster & Cheaper SaMD Generation

MEMORI - Clinical Co-Pilot

Simple EHR Integration

Our SaMD Factory sits on a flexible, foundational multimodal AI platform which “learns” from diverse clinical data streams, translating insights into real-time explainable patient insights, such as risk scores denoting “likelihood of improving or deteriorating”.

We generate broad evidence to ensure that all our insights are safe and improve clinical decision-making.

Insights are integrated into existing EHR systems through our MEMORI platform to support more accurate and timely clinical decision-making.

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