Partnering with Sanome

We partner with innovators in health & care to accelerate clinical innovation today

EHR and Care Management Partnerships

Enrich your solution with AI-powered clinical insights and decision-support tools for joint value generation.

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    Hospital Partnerships

    Join a selected number of hospital trusts in a win-win partnership to translate your data into high-value clinical insights. Together.

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      Benefits of working with Sanome

      Value creation for all stakeholders

      Our business model is designed to deliver value to all stakeholders – patients, clinicians, hospitals, EHR providers, payors (commissioners) etc.

      Improving patient care and outcomes

      By surfacing the right information at the right time, we support clinicians to act sooner, therefore improving patient outcomes.

      Evidence led

      Everything we do is grounded in robust evidence and published wherever possible to build trust and demonstrate our commitment to high-quality research

      First principles approach

      We never assume that the status quo is good enough and often design new approaches from the ground up – this led us to building the SaMD factory as a way to accelerate development of clinical insights.

      Partner Enquiries

      Partner Support

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