Sanome is thrilled to announce its acceptance to the SIGHT Programme. The company has been awarded a grant to fund the development and evidence generation for a multimodal combination biomarker-based health monitoring and early warning system for patients receiving long-term specialist inpatient care.

The SIGHT Programme is an innovative initiative funded by the ERDF, and led by the University of Portsmouth in conjunction with the Wessex CRN. The programme aims to support and accelerate evidence-based healthcare solutions. The programme provides funding to innovative projects that tackle healthcare challenges and are in line with the NHS Long Term plan.

Sanome’s mission aims to address a significant challenge in healthcare: the early detection and monitoring of health conditions in patients receiving long-term specialist inpatient care. The project will develop a sophisticated biomarker-based system that can monitor patients and provide early warnings of any health deterioration. This will enable clinicians to intervene early, prevent complications, and provide personalised, patient-centric care.

“This is a significant milestone for Sanome, and we are delighted to have secured this grant from SIGHT Programme,” said Benedikt von Thüngen, Sanome Founder and CEO, “We are passionate about improving patient outcomes, and this project will enable us to play a key role in realising that vision. We look forward to continue working with the SIGHT Programme team, Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust and the Clinical Research Network Wessex; and delivering an innovative solution that will make a real difference in people’s lives.”

The grant awarded to Sanome demonstrates the recognition of the company’s commitment to innovation and healthcare. By developing sophisticated healthcare technologies, Sanome is making healthcare more accessible, personalised, and effective for patients, clinicians and researchers.

Dr Phil Jewell, Director of Healthtech and SIGHT Programme CEO commented, “We are delighted to award Sanome a grant as part of the SIGHT Programme. The work that the team are doing with Portsmouth Hospitals University Trust is incredibly promising and we look forward to exciting and more importantly, clinically useful outcomes from the research. The forward thinking and proactive design of Sanome’s research was the frontrunner in the application. At SIGHT we are looking forward to following the progress of the Sanome team as they build something clinically useful and pilot this ground-breaking research in our hospitals in Portsmouth and the Wessex area.

Furthermore, “The SIGHT Programme is pleased to award Sanome a grant to support the research and clinical pilot they are developing with Portsmouth Hospitals University Trust. This research has the potential to change and save lives, reducing time spent in hospital and we are proud to be supporting the journey and delivery into our hospital. We see unparalleled opportunities for insight into lifesaving decision making tools from Sanome, which they will be able to develop faster thanks to the SIGHT Programme.”

Founder & CEO of Sanome, Benedikt von Thüngen said, “We have received incredible support by the SIGHT team. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside such a passionate team of innovators as we strive to save lives and change healthcare”.


Supporting Innovation and Growth in Healthcare Technologies (SIGHT) Programme

SIGHT (Supporting Innovation and Growth in Healthcare Technologies) is an ERDF-funded business support project led by the University of Portsmouth in conjunction with the Wessex CRN and Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust, designed to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs in the healthcare sector. The programme provides SMEs with the insight and specific evidence required to ensure their products meet real, identified market needs along with the necessary guidance and support to enter and expand in new healthcare markets.

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About Sanome

Sanome is a leading healthcare technology company that focuses on developing innovative solutions that improve patient outcomes. The company uses cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to develop sophisticated health monitoring systems, biomarker-based tests and remote patient monitoring solutions. Through its innovative solutions, Sanome aims to transform healthcare and make it more accessible and effective for patients.

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