Sanome spent the day in Westminster with the Westminster Forum. Were then invited to the House of Lords to continue the discussion as part of the Parliament and HealthTech Alliance. Debate and discussion centred on the digital transformation of healthcare. Keynote speaker Dr Tim Ferris urged us to think about; how we might reduce friction between systems and pathways without creating more steps to any process or workload; and our core pillar at Sanome, EVIDENCE, EVIDENCE, EVIDENCE. 

Dr Tim Ferris (pictured), National Director for Transformation NHS England NHS Transformation Directorate, and Benedikt von Thüngen, Founder & CEO of Sanome in discussion about the future of healthcare, and Sanome’s innovation embedded into the transformation. 

Thank you to our hosts Lord Bethell, Member of the House of Lords and the former Health Minister, for thought-provoking and rallying opening remarks; and Health Tech Alliance Chair Dame Barbara Hakin for Chairing the event.

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