Sanome 5th March 2024 — Sanome proudly announces a dynamic collaboration with Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust (PHU), a hospital leader in healthcare innovation, aimed at accelerating the translation of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) breakthroughs into clinical practice. 

Sanome is at the forefront of developing an AI clinical co-pilot designed to detect health deterioration, providing an invaluable tool for clinicians.  

Acknowledging the strain on healthcare professionals and hospitals operating at capacity, the partnership places a strong emphasis on leveraging existing clinical data to support clinicians make earlier and better decision to alleviate this burden. 

This research collaboration will enhance Sanome’s proficiency in utilising multimodal data for the rapid development of early warning systems targeting various health outcomes. PHU will be one of Sanome’s leading sites in the UK to co-design and validate these innovations and translate these into clinical practice.  

A significant aspect of this partnership is its focus on respiratory patients, who face an elevated risk of infection and deterioration during hospitalisation, as well as supporting clinicians with making discharge decisions that reduce the risk of re-admission. This is especially critical across the NHS where more than 15% of patients are re-admitted to hospital within 30 days after discharge1, costing the NHS in excess of £2B per year2.  

PHU has a long history as a clinical trial site and for developing Early Warning System solutions. This collaboration hopes to extend this success story by bringing innovations to market that will benefit patients and healthcare providers alike. 

Prof Anoop Chauhan, Group Chief Research Officer, Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust and Isle of Wight NHS Trust: “I have been working on translating innovation into clinical practice for more than 30 years and am very excited by Sanome’s novel approach to accelerate a process that normally takes years to complete and doesn’t always deliver the anticipated patient benefits.”  

Dr Alexander Hicks, Respiratory Consultant at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust and National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) lead: “We need more data-driven insights to support complex clinical decision-making and this has the potential to deliver real outcomes, both for dealing with capacity and demand issues and reducing patient re-admissions.”  

Benedikt, CEO of Sanome added: “It has been great working with Portsmouth over the past year, and we have learnt so much from this collaboration. We are very excited to be delivering real patient outcomes soon.”   

About Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust: 

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust is proud to provide expert and compassionate care providing a service for 675,000 residents across Portsmouth and south east Hampshire. It has a reputation for award winning research and development and is leading the way in medical device development.  

About Sanome: 

Sanome is developing a clinical co-pilot that detects and predicts health deteriorations. By integrating into EHRs and acting as an Early Warning System, Sanome translates existing clinical data into powerful clinical insights that support clinical decision-making to improve patient outcomes and support overstretched clinical teams.  

1 Nuffield Trust, QualityWatch (29/06/2022); Emergency Readmissions,,emergency%20readmissions%20rose%20to%2015.5%25 

2 NHS England.  Emergency readmissions (2023),costs%20by%20up%20to%201.7%25  

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