PatientSource and Sanome are excited to announce their new partnership to revolutionise early warning systems for health deteriorations in hospital and care settings.

Through this collaboration, hospital and care providers in the NHS and private hospitals are able to implement early warning systems to identify patients at risk of deterioration, therefore enabling earlier intervention.

Our shared mission is to create a proactive healthcare system that alleviates essential time to care for clinicians, whilst ensuring that patients are safe and supported throughout their experience in a clinical or care setting.

This partnership is especially timely because approximately 10-15% of all hospital beds are occupied by avoidable events such as infections, falls, pressure sores, etc., costing healthcare systems billions of dollars annually. Up to 70% of these hospital-acquired conditions (HAC’s) are avoidable through earlier detection and ultimately intervention.

By partnering with us – hospitals and care providers can integrate sophisticated early warning systems into their clinical workflows to streamline and support efficient care, reduce the length of stay, and increase the number of patients a hospital can support.

PatientSource’s interoperable EPR solution and seamless UX and UI interface plugs seamlessly into existing processes and moves paper medical records into a digital hub, thus drastically reducing human error and improving patient care. Therefore making it easier to surface relevant information and alleviate time to care.

Sanome’s advanced data analytics and AI analyses multiple data streams such as observations, drug charts, EHR information; and calculates risk scores for patient health deterioration. Effectively a multimodal enhanced NEWS2 score. The risk score can be flexibly displayed within existing EPR solutions or as part of PatientSource’s existing monitoring and alerting module. Therefore accelerating the time to actionable insight.

Further, the partnership also enables for the integration of additional patient monitoring tools such as wearables and at home diagnostic tests to enable virtual wards and remote patient monitoring.  We are already collaborating on several pilots within the NHS and private hospital trusts in the UK and internationally. Any interested parties to start co-design pilots with us are welcome to get in touch.

Benedikt von Thüngen, Founder and CEO of Sanome commented, ‘this is a super exciting and really important milestone in our development. PatientSource’s time to data aligns really closely to Sanome which is data to value. We’re really looking forward to working with PatientSource on building multimodal early warning systems for health deteriorations and treatment responses across a number of hospitals. Let’s change healthcare.”

Dr Philip Ashworth Co-Founder of PatientSource added, ‘we are thrilled to be partnering with Sanome, bringing together our expertise in digital health and their cutting-edge technologies to drive better patient outcomes and transform healthcare. The use of their advanced analytics, machine learning and AI technologies with our elastic data-structure for healthcare allows for insights into patients’ health to support clinicians in ways never before seen within the digital health landscape. This is a truly revolutionary collaboration!”

“At PatientSource, we are passionate about leveraging the power of digital health to improve patient outcomes. Our partnership with Sanome represents an exciting opportunity to achieve this goal through collaboration and innovation. Together, we will be able to bring together our expertise in digital health with Sanome’s cutting-edge technologies to develop data-driven healthcare solutions. By utilising advanced analytics and machine learning, we can provide healthcare professionals with more accurate insights into patient health, enabling them to make more informed treatment decisions. We are thrilled to be working with Sanome on this transformative initiative, and we are confident that it will make a meaningful impact on patient care. This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionise healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes.”

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