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Meet the Clinical Advisory Team

Meet some of Sanome’s brilliant Clinical Advisory team. Comprised of nurses, NHS Doctors and beyond.

An interview with Eddie Pease for National Engineering Day

To mark National Engineering Day, we sat down with Sanome’s Engineering Lead, Eddie Pease, to find out more about his engineering journey.

Sanome at Heal Capital Day

Sanome invited to the annual Heal Capital Day in Berlin.

Sanome joins Digital Health London

Sanome has been selected to join the 2022/23 cohort of the Digital Health London Evidence Generation Programme.

Sanome celebrates joining The SIGHT Programme

Sanome has received funding to support the development and evidence generation of its biomarker-based early warning system for patients receiving long-term specialist inpatient care.

Sanome confirms game-changing partnership with PatientSource

PatientSource and Sanome are excited to announce their new partnership to revolutionise early warning systems for health deteriorations in hospital and care settings.

Sanome headlines at Cambridge University Conference

Sanome Principal Sponsor and keynote speaker at Cambridge University BioScience Enterprise 20 Years on celebration.

Sanome comment in ERP Today – “AI in healthcare : What’s next for healthcare?”

Sanome’s James Withers, shares his insights and the impact of IBM Watson sale with ERP Today.

Sanome ‘One2Watch’ – Business Weekly`

Sanome has been recognized as a top tech and life-sciences company in the Ones2Watch 2021 award by Business Weekly.

Sanome named on the #21toWatch Companies longlist 2021

The competition involves companies from pioneering start-ups to game changing leaders in their field and therefore is a fantastic achievement for Sanome to be named in this list.

Sanome joins SEHTA

Sanome is delighted to join the South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA).

Meet some of the inspiring women behind Sanome

To mark International Women’s Day 2023, we invite you to meet some of the incredible women who have supported Sanome in the journey so far.

Sanome partners with Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

The RHN is a leading provider of specialist healthcare and neuro-rehabilitation services, serving patients with severe and complex neuro-disability, and Sanome is committed to developing cutting-edge technology solutions to improve patient outcomes.

Sanome feature at Amazon Web Event

Founder & CEO Benedikt von Thüngen spoke at AWS event, showcasing Sanome’s technology and sharing insights into the power and potential of generative AI for healthcare.

EE Today Feature Sanome

“AstraZeneca isn’t the only pharmaceutical business pursuing digital-twin research. […] U.K.-based startup Sanome is working toward a digital twin to detect health changes as early as possible.”

National Institute for Health Research Awards Sanome Funding

Sanome awarded i4i FAST Grant to develop Early Warning Systems for health deteriorations.

Sanome named 21 to Watch in 2023 Shortlist

“The shortlist for #21toWatch 2023 has been announced by Cofinitive - and once again showcases the next-generation of game-changers and innovators.”

Sanome featured on CNBC

Sanome's Founder and CEO Benedikt von Thüngen on CNBC morning news discussing the volatility of the markets following the collapse of SVB and the impact that this could have for healthcare and life sciences innovation in particular.

Sanome headlines as expert at DHV’s Digital Twins in Healthcare event
Sanome’s Founder & CEO, Benedikt von Thüngen featured at the Digital Health Virtual Network’s event, Digital Twins In Healthcare & The Life Sciences. Benedikt was interviewed as an ‘expert’ in …

Sanome headlines as expert at DHV’s Digital Twins in Healthcare event Read More »

Co-Founder, Paul Aykroyd named as Sanome’s COO

Sanome is delighted that Co-Founder, Paul Aykroyd has accepted the role of COO. 

Meet the Technical Advisory Team

Meet some of Sanome’s brilliant Technical Advisory team. Comprised of experts in the field of machine learning, data science, bioinformatics and AI.

Dr Andrew Creagh joins Sanome from Oxford

Dr Andrew Creagh joins the Sanome team as Lead AI/ML Scientist, from his post at Oxford University.

Sanome in Westminster

Sanome were invited to The House of Lords to share healthcare and healthtech insights & innovation with the NHS Directorate.

Founder interview with PKV-Verband

Catch up on Sanome’s Founder & CEO, Benedikt von Thüngen’s interview with PKV-Verband.

Sanome named Most Innovative Biomarker Platform 2023

Sanome has been named Most Innovative Biomarker Platform 2023 by the Global Health & Pharma Awards, within the International Life Sciences Awards category.

Sanome at The London Stock Exchange

Sanome was invited to join the ‘Future of Healthcare Investment Forum’ at the London Stock Exchange.

Summer at Sanome

Find out what Sanome has been up to over the summer, our key learnings and takeaways from the legislators, clinicians and industry experts.

Sanome feature on UK Digital Health Startups Map

Sanome recognised on SpeedInvest list - Digital Health in Europe: How the UK is Leading the Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Sanome attends the Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine Summer School

Sanome’s machine learning and data science team attended the five-day conference, hosted by the Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine. Tom Pease, Data Scientist, reviews.

Sanome at SiftedAI

Sanome was invited to attend Sifted’s second annual AI summit in London

Sanome at Hett 2023

Sanome attended The Healthcare Excellence Through Technology 2023 Conference.

Sanome publishes in Nature Journal

Sanome identifies biomarkers from routine blood tests that can aid in the early detection of colorectal cancer (bowel, colon). This finding could lead to better and/or earlier detection of cancer.

Sanome on Next gen start-ups podcast
Sanome’s CEO, Benedikt von Thüngen spoke to Ilan Levy-Lambert and his Next gen start-ups podcast about the future of healthcare, the role digitaltwins will play and what we are doing …

Sanome on Next gen start-ups podcast Read More »

Benedikt von Thüngen speaks at Heal Capital investor day

Sanome’s Founder & CEO, Benedikt von Thüngen, spoke at the Heal Capital investor day in Berlin.

Sanome raises £2m to drive forward clinically validated home testing using combination biomarkers

Sanome raises £2m to drive forward clinically validated home testing using combination biomarkers

Knowledge Hub
Digital working in adult social care: What Good Looks Like
Guidance from The Department of Health & Social Care [Published / updated on .gov 17 May 2023] “Digital working in adult social care: What Good Looks Like” The NHS recently …

Digital working in adult social care: What Good Looks Like Read More »

Bridging the Literacy Gap for Surgical Consents: An AI-Human Expert Collaborative Approach

A strong case study highlighting the importance of awareness of health literacy.

Early prediction of circulatory failure in the intensive care unit using machine learning
This is an outstanding paper on a project to build an EWS to predict circulatory failure. Two things that stood out were the clear combination of clinical and medical expertise …

Early prediction of circulatory failure in the intensive care unit using machine learning Read More »

Uncertainties in the Analysis of Heart Rate Variability: A Systematic Review

This paper was co-authored by Dr Andrew Creagh, PhD (Oxon.), Sanome’s Lead AI/ML Scientist.

The Economist – How to fix the NHS
“A system focused on hospitals is one designed to treat people only after they have become really sick. That is the equivalent of buying more fire extinguishers while dismantling the …

The Economist – How to fix the NHS Read More »

End-to-End Meta-Bayesian Optimisation with Transformer Neural Processes

This paper was co-authored by Hon Professor Haitham Bou Ammar, Sanome’s Lead Reinforcement Learning Advisor.

Diagnostic hubs: A short-term fix for a long-term problem? Sanome article for Open Access Government

Sanome publishes article on Open Access Government, turns the spotlight onto diagnostic hubs.

The Dawn of a New Era of Digital Twin Diagnostics – published in Technology Networks

Founder & CEO Benedikt von Thüngen, wrote a feature for Technology Networks about the new era of Digital Twin Diagnostics.

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