Both Sanome’s leadership and in-house team of data scientists, machine learning and AI generalists and specialists are supported by an incredible advisory team whose combined knowledge, experience in the field and academically is a great privilege to work with.

Haitham Bou Ammar

Dr Haitham Bou Ammar – Reinforcement Learning Advisor

As a technical expert in Bayesian optimisation and extensive experience in machine learning, I am delighted to be supporting Sanome’s development. I currently lead the reinforcement learning team at Huawei R&D UK.

I am an honorary Assistant Professor at University College London. Prior to this, I have led research at Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania.

My research interests are broad; covering topics in statistical machine learning, Bayesian modelling with and without deep learners, reinforcement learning, multi-agent systems, distributed optimisation and non-convex optimisation.  I have published extensively in top-tier machine learning venues, including but not limited to ICML, NeurIPS, ICLR, JMLR, AAAI, IJCAI, and my views on machine learning have been featured in Forbes [Some of my work can be found in Sanome’s Knowledge Hub].

I am fascinated in the application of AI to medicine, including problems of efficiently and autonomously designing antibodies and modelling human behaviour, and look forward to Sanome’s continued discovery, growth and implementation to change healthcare.


Dr Sebastian Spiegler

Dr Sebastian Spiegler – Machine Learning Expert

My Ph.D. is in Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing. My research focused on the application of machine learning to the morphological analysis of complex agglutinating languages. Thesis: Machine Learning For The Analysis Of Morphologically Complex Languages.

This followed my first degree in Business Informatics. Other publications include Unsupervised Word Decomposition with the Promodes Algorithm ( Chapter in Multilingual Information Access Evaluation. Feb 1, 2010). [Some of my work can be found in Sanome’s Knowledge Hub].

I founded and am building Cadeera, we are building an AI enabled technology platform that combines intelligent visual & semantic search and personalisation to change the way we explore, discover, and get inspired.

I was the director of Empirical.AI for six years. Empirical.AI provided advisory & research services to early stage companies and venture capital funds around market landscape & competitor analysis, business strategy & product development, seed & early growth stage investment preparation, startup-investor matching, investor due diligence and tech hire & candidate selection.

I co-founded Project Juno AI; the thought leaders in the European Machine Intelligence Landscape we host Machine Intelligence Showcases where a number of ‘under-the-radar’ AI startups present their technology for the first time to a selected audience of investors, entrepreneurs and technologists. I take mentorship and developing a supportive UK tech community through leading initiatives as tech meetups (Hadoop Users Group UK), startup mentor & sitting as a judge for various accelerator programs (Techstars, Barclays, MassChallenge)


Professor Christopher Lowe

Professor Chris Lowe OBE – Technical & Scientific Advisor

I am Professor Emeritus of Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge and have built multiple spin-out companies. My principal research interests cover areas of healthcare biotechnology including biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics and sensors, ageing and medical microbiology.

Changing the diagnostics development paradigm through multimodal combination biomarkers is the way forward.


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