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We’re growing a community of diverse individuals to gain insight into what healthcare needs to look like 

The Sanome user group

The Sanome user group ensures that patients and the public are involved and embedded in all aspects of the product design and development process at the organisation.

This group helps our product team to get the best possible insights to create world leading healthcare products.

Who we are looking for


Members of the public

Someone who is not an academic researcher but who may be able to offer a unique perspective.



Someone who may have a particular health condition which gives them insight into life with an illness or special set of needs.



Someone with experience of looking after someone with a health condition.

What does involvement in the group mean

Product development

Reviewing and providing feedback of product features. Working closely with the product team to understand and communicate user needs.

Community insight

Sharing experiences. Helping Sanome to disseminate insights to the wider community.

Cutting edge

You'll gain a unique insight into your own biomarkers and develop a personal profile supporting your indivual needs.​

We are Sanome

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You ask, we answer

Answers to the most frequently asked questions by our Community

No! We are keen to grow a community representative of the population. 

Those with congenital or life-long illnesses will provide specific insight.

You are invited to join the Sanome Community for as long as you like. If your situation changes and you no longer wish to take part in our research that is absolutely fine.

We’re happy to have you. 


Being a part of our community requires verbal and confidential feedback only. We want to know how our technology can support your day-today livelihood.

We will never ask any Sanome Community member to take part in any medical procedure or test. That is for our clinical trials.