About Sanome

Our ambition is to transform healthcare for each and every one of us globally.

Our vision

Digital twins are virtual representations of physical objects, such as buildings or engines that are continuously fed with real-world data. This allows for the early detection of changes, as well as simulations of what might happen. 

We believe that this will be possible for humans too!

Why diagnostics

Digital twins need high quality data – in healthcare this means clinically validated diagnostics (IVDs) that allow healthcare professionals to take action.

Diagnostics influence 70% of healthcare decisions, however, only  make up 1-2% of healthcare spending. Early diagnosis holds the key to effective treatment – and even prevention – of disease. However, diagnostics development often takes years and tens of millions of dollars.

At Sanome, we hold the tools to change this and enable rapid diagnostics development that lays the foundation of the future of healthcare – human digital twins. The future starts here.

Our approach

Using AI we can identify suitable biomarker combinations to continuously monitor a person’s health. Clinical validation of the results highlights even very early warning signs – so that any potential problems can actioned on immediately.

Our team

Values are everything to us

We are open & honest

We communicate openly with each other and everyone we work with and continuous feedback is a gift.

We will always tell you what we do with your data and we love GDPR.

We think about the ecosystem

We can only achieve our mission by helping everyone be successful.

Our own personal ecosystems are important so that we can perform at our best.

Same same but different - diversity matters

Diversity is part of our DNA and we need different views, ideas and approaches from everyone, internally & externally.

Integrating a wide range of health insights from many different people will enable us to build diagnostics that work for everyone.