About Sanome

Our ambition is to transform healthcare for each and every one of us globally.

Our vision

We want to understand and detect pre-symptomatic changes in an individual’s health – to enable early intervention for disease prevention and treatment.

Our approach

Our  IVD innovation engine, based on machine learning,  combines existing digital and bio-physical tests to continuously  monitor a person’s health. Clinical validation of the results highlights even very early warning signs – so that any potential problems can be nipped in the bud.

Our founding story

Healthcare systems around the world are at an exciting but critical point in their evolution. It’s time to choose between a widening healthcare access gap or a future of cost-effective home diagnostics available to everyone. Early diagnosis holds the key to effective treatment – and even prevention – of disease. And we believe it’s possible with the technology we have now. The future starts here.

Values are everything to us

We are inclusive

We can only achieve our mission by integrating a wide range of different health insights. Diversity is thus part of our DNA and we need different views, ideas and approaches from everyone, internally & externally.

Transparent relationships

We are open & honest about what our current situation, motivations, aspirations, challenges & risks are.

Data-driven decisions rule

We should always look to find or generate objective data to support our decision-making process.

Learning obsession

We pledge to provide people with a safe environment to learn through both success and failure.

We go fast

We empower everyone to make decisions & mistakes so they can execute toward their objectives.

Family first

Family & friends are what keeps us happy and allow us to do a great job. Ensuring a successful work-life balance is key.

User success

We are building products that change everyone’s life, everywhere in the world. The success & impact of our products is what drives us.